There’s nothing like having a clean, beautiful bathroom in your home to do all your day-to-day hygienic tasks (even when some of the things we do in there aren’t’ so clean). One of the biggest problems with bathrooms is how dirty, messy, and worn they get over time— and usually without us noticing.


When You Should Remodel Your Bathroom


1. Outdated decor and color schemes



It’s funny how something like a bathroom’s interior design can become outdated, but that’s the honest reality of it. Sinks, faucets, bathtubs, floor tiles— if they reflect the old homeowner’s taste, or they just haven’t been updated in decades now, it’s probably time for a bathroom facelift.



2. No space for storage



If it feels like your bathroom can no longer withstand the size of your growing family (or your growing hygienic needs!), then it’s very possible you’ll need to go in there and break down some walls to expand. You can even indulge in investing in a new luxurious bathtub or jacuzzi.



3. Cracks and leaks



Yes, bathrooms are prone to your daily wear-and-tear, but the moment you notice that the faucets are rusting and leaking, the tiles are cracking, and/or the walls and ceiling are crumbling from mold and moisture, then it’s absolutely time for you to remodel your bathroom.


4. Mold


Bathrooms are notorious for retaining humidity, so it’s no surprise that mold is a common problem for many houses. You may notice that your wallpaper has become discolored or is flaking at the corners. Perhaps there are watermarks surrounding your fan. Though little mold may be cleaned with bleach, a bathroom makeover can help prevent a tiny mold problem from becoming a large mold problem.


If you suspect that your bathroom has a slight mold problem, consider insulating it and replacing the ventilation system. If you suspect a serious mold problem, contact a mold removal specialist for testing and remediation (since it can be dangerous to do on your own).


5. You’re looking for a new home


High-end bathroom remodels can exceed $25,000, but even a small update can make your bathroom a selling point. Don’t allow a cracked dub, leaky fixtures, and outdated decor to deter buyers. If you don’t have a bathtub, consider adding one for families. Modern finishes like granite (rather than laminate) can have additional appeal.


Overall, repairs should always come before aesthetic upgrades. Improving the flooring is considered the most favorable investment and comes with an average ROI of 107%. Swapping out your regular tub for a jetted tub has the lowest ROI because most homeowners don’t want the fuss. If you don’t have a huge budget, focus on inexpensive updates like a new coat of paint in a neutral color.