You visit your bathroom more than you think, or more than you would like to admit. In a place where you spend a lot of time, wouldn’t it be nice to have the space renovated to have a greater appeal?


Generally, bathrooms are a smaller space to work with. If you have more than 40 square feet for your full bath, good for you.


Either way, here are some efficient and cost-effective tips for you to try when remodeling your bathroom.


1. Save Space with Recess


Bathrooms are constructed of a few key systems, your toilet, your sink, and your tub. Consider implementing recessed medicine cabinets, toilet roll holders, soap dishes and lighting fixtures.


2. Ventilation


No one wants a moldy bathroom. To avoid excess moisture getting trapped in your space, plan for a ventilation system with an exhaust fan to suck out any lingering steam.


3. Choose Proper Flooring


This might sound obvious, but please, do not put carpet in your bathroom. Opt for a ceramic tile, vinyl plank or porcelain stone that is resiliently waterproof.


4. Color Choice


Bathrooms are the perfect place to make a bold statement. Consider choosing a color that sparks visual dimensions. If you have a small space, choose lighter colors that will not make the space feel smaller. If you are lucky enough to have a larger bathroom, you have the option of throwing in some darker colors for greater contrast.